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Roland Thomas, NMD is President and founder of BioAge, and editor of its wellness letter.  Mr. Thomas has been a holistic health enthusiast since his first exposure to yoga and vegetarianism 38 years ago. He has since continued pursuing holistic health, studying and practicing eastern nutritional medicine, and self-healing practices like Hatha and Kundalini yoga.  Later, while studying advanced nutrition, energy medicine, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Chi Running, Roland began teaching concepts of super-nutrition.   He is the author of books on the science of bio-nutrition: The Magic is Back and Awakening the Genius Within.  Frequent speaker and radio guest, Roland lectures and educates clients on holistic health and the science of super-nutrition throughout Canada and the USA.  Roland is a science graduate from the University of Montreal and a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association.  He has obtained a Doctorate in Natural Health from the Trinity College of Natural Health and a Doctorate in Natural Medicine from IQUIM (Integrated Quantum University of Integrated Medicine).


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